We live in a world where people are completely dependent on smartphones and laptops. Just with a mere internet connection, it is possible to access anything anytime. Be it online shopping, extracting any information, downloading music or movies, and being live on social media… it’s all just a click away! It is website development, where developers develop different web pages or sites which people can access online. Thus, in this course we teach you how to design and develop your own websites that can be one of the most important part of your business.

Designing our own  business website ourselves is such a great deal which is a very cost effective solution for any business.

The modules covered in this course are :

a) Website designing through Wix, which is the best solution to build a business website, for people having no prior experience to web design and development or are new in this field.

b) Website designing and development through WordPress, best content management system, which is a great solution to get our website build in a short period of time, involving a only a little technical knowledge about it.

c) Website designing through Shopify, which the best solution to develop an e-commerce website, integrating all the best features and functionalities to it.

d) An introductory knowledge of web designing software, such as Photoshop and Corel Draw.