Digital Marketing course requires no specific qualification or degree in order to pursue it. In fact, it does not demands much from an individual i.e no required degree or qualification or work experience. Pursuing this course is suitable even for  individuals having no prior knowledge or experience in the field of digital marketing. This course is suited for all the individuals who have interest in the field of digital marketing and want to build their career in this field.


  •  People who want to start their own online business.
  •  People who want to start their career as a startup entrepreneur.
  • Digital marketers, who are in continuous process of learning, in order to get them updated.
  • Students pertaining to any field of education whether business or technology, want to create their own entrepreneurial venture.
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals, who are in the field of advertising, brand managing or media planning, in order to develop in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing to manage their digital marketing teams and agencies.
  • Entrepreneurs, as Digital Marketing provides a great flexibility to start their business with low or no budget but many of them fail because of the lack of understanding and learning of different digital marketing domains.
  • Employees who are currently working in any organization but are not satisfied with their job and are planning to start their own online business and work from home.